About Sinex

SinexWay back in the 90’s when retailing was still in its infancy in the country, the founder of Sinex, Mr Badrinarayanan had a vision of retailing in India to gain exponential growth within a short period. Thus SINEX was established in 1995 to cater to the growing demands of a retail driven business scenario to maximize branding impact. With years of expertise in digital technology and innovative display engineering, SINEX has come a long way, never ever slacking in its pace of keeping up with the rapid changing demands of the domain.

Today, SINEX is a one stop solution provider to all your retail and branding needs. With SINEX there is no constraint in projecting your brand – Size, Space, Colour, Contour and Movement. Whatever you imagine and however… is made possible with SINEX’s commitment and expertise.

  • An immense strength of 250 Employees
  • Separate Digital Printing Unit for quicker delivery
  • Branches all over India for uninterrupted Service
  • Highly qualified Technical Expertise